Frequently Asked Questions


Is everything made with zucchini? 

Some of it! Not everything does, but we make killer organic zucchini bread, brownies, and carrot zucchini cupcakes!


What does Zucchini Kill mean?

Our name is inspired by the 90’s riot grrrl band, Bikini Kill!! Their music and politics made a big impact on us as young women in the punk scene.  Zucchini Kill is our homage to feminist punk pioneers, and we try to incorporate music into everything we do!  You’ll find that we name lots of our products after bands/musicians we love.  


Is everything vegan?

HELL YES.  Everything we bake is free of dairy, eggs, honey, food dye, and bone-char derived ingredients.  


Is everything gluten free?

Yes.  We use certified gluten free flours. We also bake in a dedicated gluten free kitchen.


Is everything soy free?

Everything we bake is soy free.  


Is everything nut free?

No.  We use almond flour in our Motorbread mini loaves. We also use peanuts, peanut butter, walnuts, almonds, and pecans for certain flavors.  We cannot guarantee there will not be cross contamination with nuts.


Is everything grain free?

No.  We use rice flours in a lot of our products.


Is anything rice free?

Our cupcakes are made with a flour blend that does NOT include rice.


Still, check our ingredients labels before consumption.  


Is anything oil free?

Our Motorbread mini loaves are made with applesauce, not oil.


Is anything yeast free?

Yes.  We do not use active yeast in any of our products.


Is anything sugar free?

We use organic evaporated cane sugar in most of our products.  Our Motorbread mini loaves are sweetened with pure maple syrup.  

Is anything corn free?

We do not use corn products. Our baking powder is corn free, and our powdered sugar is made with tapioca.  We do use xanthan gum by Bob's Red Mill that is a byproduct of bacteria grown on corn, but it does not contain corn protein.  Please use discretion.  



Is anything coconut free?

Yes.  Most cookies, except Brownie Cookies, are coconut free.  Also, our Motorbread mini loaves have Hemp mylk in replacement of coconut mylk.  Keep in mind, we do use pure coconut mylk in most of our products, and we cannot guarantee there will not be cross contamination with coconut products.


When do you have donuts?

We try to have donuts every Saturday and Sunday morning at our shop for brunch hours (10am-2pm)

Keep in mind, we often sell out fast.  Please check our Instagram for sell out updates and flavor options. 


Do you make tiered wedding cakes?

No... Keep in mind, everything we bake is made with all natural ingredients.  It is extremely difficult to tier cakes with how fluffy we make our buttercream. 


We strongly suggest getting double layer cakes or cupcakes if you’d like to have our treats at your event or wedding.  Cupcakes are no mess and double layer cakes don’t have to be assembled at location.  

We do not do tastings.

Do you make cookie cakes like the one’s I used to eat at the mall when I was a kid?

OMG, YES. We used to eat those too, so we make them all the time!! They are decorated around the edges just like the ones at the mall, and you can pick a message or simple design to have on top at no extra charge.


What is your frosting made of?  

The base for our frostings is non hydrogenated, organic Spectrum shortening and Soy Free Earth Balance.  This consists of sustainable palm and coconut oils.  We also use organic powdered sugar, tapioca starch, and organic vanilla extract.  


Is your packaging sustainable?

Packaging and labeling is required for selling our stuff in our shop.  We are zoned for food retail, and since we bake in a separate facility, the health department states we must package everything for off site consumption.


Currently all of our packaging is compostable.

Will you donate products/gift cards to our fundraiser/event?

We love to support our community!!


But, we do have a budget for our donations each month.


If your project benefits animals, women, LGBTQ+, musicians or environmental issues, shoot us an e-mail and we can try to work something out.


Is your retail shop where you bake?

No. We bake in a commissary kitchen in South Austin.


We bake, package, and label our products there, and deliver them to our retail shop.  We have specific baking hours at the shared kitchen, which is why we need advance notice for custom orders.  We appreciate your understanding. It is our goal to have our own full service bakery store front.